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Introduction of production plants in China
  • Metal casting plants
  • Forging plants
  • Machinery plants
  • Lost wax plants
  • Cold pressing plants, etc

*We have established partnerships with approximately 20 plants in China and 30 Japanese domestic precision machining facilities.

技術の架け橋 ジャパンテクノトレーディング

For customers searching for companies providing cast components, forged components, lost wax casting components, die casting, machining and pressworking services, etc

We act as a technological bridge
to provide the best possible results for all our customers

Cast components, forged components, precision cast components manufactured using lost wax die casting, etc. – Realization of high quality and low price, highly competitive products through the combination of Japanese advanced technology and overseas procurement of materials.

The key to cost reductions and highly competitive products are the combination of overseas procurement as well as Japanese advanced technology.
Our company does not carry out transactions through trading companies and intermediaries, but deals directly with plants in China in order to achieve low production and distribution costs and provide customers with lower prices.
The establishment of a unique familial relationship with companies in China.
In general, most transactions with overseas companies are carried out by establishing letters of credit or by making payments in advance. In the event that an inferior product or products are found after the receipt of products, the customer can request compensation from the relevant factory in China.
The pursuit of high quality and low price, highly competitive products through the optimum utilization of Chinese plant facilities and Chinese engineers, based on Japan’s advanced production control method.
Throughout the entire processes including design, materials, manufacturing methods, machining methods, inspection, packaging and shipment, our company plays a pivotal role in utilizing the best of Japanese advanced technology to achieve the common goals of high quality, low price as well as high performance products which will satisfy both our customers and our manufacturing plants.

▼Product areas that we specialize in

Lost wax casting
Cast components, forged components
Machined components
Stainless steel,
press working
Aluminium casting
Aluminium die casting

Overseas procurement of cast, forged, lost wax cast and machined components as well as machining and pressworking services, etc.
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