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Frequently asked questions

Technical related questions

Do materials used conform to JIS standards?

Materials conform to Chinese standards which are either equal to or surpass JIS standards.

Mill sheets and material strength tests are employed to confirm that materials meet the required standards.

What kind of quality control measures do you have in place?

Technicians working exclusively for our company inspect each item before shipment in order to maintain product quality.

Quality performance is confirmed through advance meetings concerning points related to production and technical guidance provided by our company.

Trial samples are manufactured at the time orders are placed, and mass production is commenced after the receipt of approval from customers.

Questions related to delivery times

How long does it take to deliver products?

Delivery times differ according to products, but our shortest delivery times are approximately 2 months. This includes approximately 1 month for manufacture, and approximately 0.5 months for packaging and transportation.

Can you ensure that delivery dates are met?

Product deliveries up until this point in time have all been made on schedule.

Price related questions

Can you ensure the long term stability of prices?

As the products that we deal with are imported, a certain degree of fluctuation in prices is unavoidable due to changes in currency exchange rates. In order to deal with these fluctuations we employ fixed prices which are within a predetermined yen exchange rate fluctuation range.

However there are instances such as abnormal variations in scrap steel prices and changes in the Chinese tax system related to export pricing, etc where we are forced to make changes in the prices of products.

Overseas procurement of cast, forged, lost wax cast and machined components as well as machining and pressworking services, etc.
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