Technological Bridge - Japan Techno Trading

J.T.T. provides Casting, Forging, Lost-wax casting, Machining, die-casting and Stamping, etc.
with Japanese quality and low cost.

Why not proceed towards extending your sales stably
through using our global network?

Large fab network of more than 50 partner fabs at Dalian and Tsingtao in China.
We provide parts to Japanese and WW customers
with outgoing inspections on the excellent quality management system.

We would satisfy customer's requirements, strictly follow compliance with the contract,
and provide stable global procurement.

Area of specialty

  • Lost-wax casting
  • Castings, Forgings
  • Castings, Forgings
  • Welding
  • Stainless, Press work
  • Aluminum castings

Nearly 30 years of experience in supply!!

Delivery record

Lost-wax casting
Hydraulic equipment parts, machine parts, Building hardware
Sheave, Wheel, Bearing, Construction hardware, Large rings, Cable drum
Gear, Shaft Construction parts, Automotive parts
Drum, Pressurized reservoir

J.T.T. has agents at Dalian and Tsingtao in China,
and organization for comprehensive technical solution
supported by experienced Chinese engineers.

Dalian and Tsingtao in China
  • Arrangement of best fab and optimized design, considering specification, productivity and cost.
  • All responsibility in J.T.T. from raw material procurement/production to inspection/shipment.
  • Trusted family-like relationship with China that is very unique and original points of J.T.T.

    Generally opening of L/C or cash before delivery is required at business to foreign company. However business of J.T.T. is cash after delivery for all products.
    If rejected products after payment occur, Chinese fabs guarantee the compensation.

  • Support customer's success, achievement of goal and Rationalization
  • Large scale machining, small precision casting and machining are specialty of J.T.T.

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