J.T.T. Provides Casting, Forging, Lost-wax casting, Machining, die-casting and Stamping, etc.
with Japanese quality and low cost.

Example of Products

Lost-wax casting parts
Window glass hardware(stainless) for high building

Lost-wax casting parts
Low speed gear, Segment fixing hardware

Lost-wax casting parts

Lost-wax casting parts

Large size casting parts

Steel wheel

Machining parts

Steel gear

Helical gear


We accommodate JIS, ISO or other standards.

Rolled steel for general structureSS、SS400、SS490、SM400A
Cast IronFC200、FC250,FC300,FC350
Ductile Cast IronFCD370、FCD400、FCD450、FCD500
Carbon Steel Forgings for General UseSF340A、SF390A、SF440A、SF490A
Mechanical structural carbon steelS20C、S25C、S30C、S40C、S45C
Stainless steelSUS304、SCS1、SCS2
Special steelSCM440、SSW-Q1

Product Results

Steel structure, Welded structure, Manhole cover, Underground pipe, Coupling hardware, Wheel, Axle shaft, Pin, Container, Dolly, Reinforcement material for wooden house, Waterproof flange, Parts for construction equipment, JIS flange, Color ring, set screw collar, interlock band, Special forging bolts, Steel pipe joint,  Hose connection, Rubber seal, Aluminum plugs, Drum, Sheave, Lost-wax casting, Galvanized parts, Unichrome plating

We could offer a comprehensive range of products for customer's special specification.

Fabs, Equipments

We have a suceessful alliance with 50 fabs in Dalian, Shenyang amd Tsingtao.

FabsNo. of EmployeesAnnual OutputFoot printEquipmentProducts
大連鋳鉄廠 280 5,000T 32,000m2 Electric Furnace 3T×2,
1.5T×1, 0.5T×1
Forging parts for Heavy Machinery
鞍鋼機械製造公司 1,600 2,500 million T 8,000T Isostatic Pressing
2,500T Isostatic Pressing
Forging parts for Heavy Machinery
大連万泉精密鋳造廠 85 400T 5,000m2 Lost-wax casting Parts for Diesel, Forklift

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